Rep Joseph Bellino
Rep. Bellino’s DUI expungement package approved by Senate
RELEASE|June 10, 2021

The Michigan Senate today approved a plan by Rep. Joe Bellino to allow courts to expunge operating while intoxicated (OWI) first-time offenses. The House approved the plan in March. 

“This is an issue I have been championing for quite some time now and I am glad to have the support of my Senate colleagues on this package,” said Rep. Bellino. “I’m a firm believer in second chances, and for first-time offenders who truly want to learn from their mistakes, a clean record will give them that opportunity. This legislation puts reform over punishment which will create a fairer, safer, and more efficient criminal justice system for all Michiganders. This plan has received wide bipartisan support and I hope Governor Whitmer stands with us to sign her name to the bill once it reaches her desk.”

House Bills 4219-20, with Rep. Tenisha Yancey serving as co-sponsor, are now joined by SB 400, which extends the time for filing an application to set aside a first violation OWI offense from three to five years.

HBs 4308-09, which would maintain the current Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) level at .08 percent, were also passed by the Senate earlier today.

All bills now head to the governor’s desk for further consideration.

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