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Rep. Kahle testifies in support of her bill during Tuesday’s House Judiciary Committee hearing.

Rep. Kahle stands up for young victims of human trafficking
RELEASE|April 27, 2021
Contact: Bronna Kahle

State Rep. Bronna Kahle, of Adrian, today delivered testimony before the House Judiciary Committee in support of her bipartisan plan to provide legal protections to young people who are victims of human trafficking.

“This plan is about children—the young people that are victims of this horrific scourge on humanity known as human trafficking,” Kahle said during her testimony. “By focusing on the rehabilitation of these young survivors, we can ensure they have a fair chance at a better future for themselves and for their communities.”

House Bill 4093 requires a court to expunge a felony, misdemeanor or violation of a local ordinance committed by a juvenile when committed as a result of human trafficking.

“Survivors of human trafficking have suffered enough,” Kahle said. “This is another step forward in making sure that young victims of these heinous crimes are treated like victims in our juvenile justice system, not criminals.”

The bill remains under consideration by the committee.

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